Just Cause 4

For the return of Rico at E3 2018, we were tasked with creating a presentation trailer to showcase the awesome new gameplay in the newest addition to the Just Cause series.
Our aim was to show everything Just Cause 4 has to offer, from the new grapple 2.0 to the upgraded physics engine and destruction calculations. We covered new inclement weather systems , exiciting new vehicles,  new threatening enemy AI and a whole new storyline to continue Rico’s chapter in the franchise.
The gameplay trailer was captured entirely from the game engine to show a realistic, mind-blowing reveal of the exciting upgrades which Square Enix has offered up this year.
In the brand new world of Solis, anything goes. The brand new APEX engine enables jaw-dropping physics simulation, allowing for even more destructive, creative sandbox gameplay — an absolute fan favourite. The return of Rico promises to be a blockbuster filled with explosive action, an improved storyline and brand new challenges for the hero.
Alongside the presentation trailer we also created a dedicated APEX engine trailer.
This trailer was created to further demonstrate the awesome power of the improved Avalanche studio software. Square Enix wanted to reinforce the APEX as a best-in-class engine which would push the limits of the Just Cause 4 to new heights, beyond any of its’ predecessors.
From unparalled draw distances, HDR lighting enhancements, interactive weather systems and improved destruction physics and visual fidelity, the APEX engine is a total game changer in every sense of the word.
The trailers shown here are:
Just Cause – Apex Engine trailer
Just Cause – E3 Presentation
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Client:  Square Enix
Skills:  Script, Capture, Edit, Music, Graphics
fire without smoke | A Strategic and Creative Games Agency | Just Cause 4
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