The Division 2

History will remember.
For Ubisoft’s E3 conference we were asked to create a range of assets for the launch of The Division 2 to be showcased throughout the conference, on the show-floor and circulated online through media channels .
Working with the teams at Massive Studios and Ubisoft we scripted, captured, designed and edited our way through a range of projects for E3 delivery.
At the heart of the project we were tasked to create a dedicated gameplay trailer which would be incorporated into the live E3 broadcast presentation and shared across social media channels in cut-down versions.
Through the game engine, we were asked to showcase the new SHD narrative, set in the post-epidemic ruins of Washington D.C.
The once proud landscape and the people are in a state of chaos and disarray. Armed militia groups have taken control of entire districts and it’s up to the SHD Agents to fix what is left of a broken city.
We created a narrative which depicts a story of desperation, determination and ultimately, of hope. The emotion we conveyed behind this trailer, coupled with the strong music presence enabled us to create a memorable experience at the Ubisoft conference.
But the fun didn’t stop there!
The rest of the Division 2 projects included the creation of a dedicated tutorial video, complete with capture, graphics and editing which was projected on a wall for the eager queuers at the E3 demo booth.
We also created a looping video advertisement, stylized beautifully to show off the best elements of the game to E3 conference goers in a bitesize asset.
We created a full graphics package in order to create a visually striking asset which could hold the attention of busy conference members.
Additionally, we worked on dedicated B-Roll and social media videos to be shared out amongst IGN and other media outlets, maximising the exposure of the game for an online audience.
The Division 2 brings back the gritty, emotive atmosphere of its’ prequel and refreshes the gameplay with a brand new location, a new set of specialisations with exciting new weapons and gear and all new multiplayer modes.
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Client:  Massive & Ubisoft
Skills:  Script, Capture, Edit, Sound, Music
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