The Division

The Division, as it’s known, was one game we’d been eagerly awaiting for a long time. When approached by Ubisoft to help them establish the factions roaming through New York we jumped at the chance.

Using a careful mix of in-game capture and by creating fully animated sequences within the game’s level editor we got to work bringing each diverse faction to life. Having a level of control over specific individual animations, specific lighting and locations in the editor allowed us to build highly detailed sequences to exact scripted moments. This allowed us to structure and build out our script exactly as it was envisioned in our concepts. Combining the imagery with a great character based narrative VO gave each faction a unique personality.

Our Open BETA trailer was a great exercise in getting across the diverse range of play, mission exclusives and locations available. Our goal was simple. Make the BETA “THE” place to be and establish Tom Clancy’s The Division as “THE” game to have on your radar. With 6.4 million player signing up it worked out pretty well.

In true Meta style our New York Collapse Survival Guide trailer for the new ‘physical DLC’ mixed in-game capture and live action composited together with pages from the actual book itself.

Our Legendary Agents and Dark Zone Stories trailers took real player info and recreated the events that took place in-game. Awesome!

The trailers shown here are:
Tom Clancy’s The Division – Factions Trailer
Tom Clancy’s The Division – Open Beta Trailer
Tom Clancy’s The Division – Meta-Novel Trailer
Tom Clancy’s The Division – Legendary Agents Trailer
Tom Clancy’s The Division – Dark Zone Stories Trailer

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Client:  Ubisoft
Skills:  Capture, Level Editor, After Effects, Music, VO
fire without smoke | A Strategic and Creative Games Agency | The Division