The Division | Expansions

The Division’s expansion 2 is finally here and it’s survival of the fittest. Ubisoft asked us to create a trailer that showed off some of the amazing new features within this new update. The Division’s game engine is incredible at creating snow and weather effects, lighting, smoke, fire and atmosphere and we used these to great effect. Composing very specific captured shots to balance the blizzarding snow with the dim firelight meant we could achieve an incredibly immersive and emotional feel.

Expansion 3 The Last Stand’s trailer showcases it’s third major outing and round of content add-ons. We show how ‘You and your squad must prepare to defend against a relentless foe. You ARE going to need allies.

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Client:  Ubisoft
Skills:  Capture, Edit, Music, SFX, GFX, Scripting
fire without smoke | A Strategic and Creative Games Agency | The Division | Expansions