EULCS | Roster Rundown

For Season 7’s EU LCS, Riot asked us to produce a series where Martin “Deficio” Lynge and Mitch “Krepo” Voorspoels talk about the changes to each team. With a short timeframe between confirmed transfers of players between the teams and the start of the Spring Split we had our work set out for us. Filming, Editing, Bespoke Graphics and localisation into 9 different languages was all part of the project. Who will come out on top in Spring 2017? The two best brains in the business explain it all in our 5 episode Roster Rundown.

The trailers shown here are:
Roster Rundown | Misfits & Unicorns of Love
Roster Rundown | Fnatic & Origen
Roster Rundown | Splyce & Team Vitality
Roster Rundown | H2K & ROCCAT
Roster Rundown | G2 Esports & Giants Gaming

Client:  Riot Games
Skills:  Live filming, edit, graphics, location shoot, direction
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