Eve Valkyrie

We’ve been working with CCP for a few years now on various things VR but for the launch of Valkyrie on PSVR and HTC we were asked to develop a brand, a tagline and several launch trailers.

The first of these trailers for PSVR charts historic heroes over time using stock footage and gameplay; from first world war pioneers to modern-day fighter pilots. These heroic individuals allowed us to make the bold brand statement – Dare to Rise.

For the launch on HTC Vive we crafted a fully realised CG trailer depicting the helmets of those who dare to rise. Voiced by none other than the utterly iconic Rutger Hauer this trailer delivers the emotional feel of becoming a Valkyrie pilot.

Our campaign tagline was accompanied by a piece of key art used across the social web to tie all parts together.

The trailers shown here are:
EVE Valkyrie – HTC Vive Launch Trailer
EVE Valkyrie – HTC Vive Launch Trailer VFX Breakdown
EVE Valkyrie – PSVR Launch Trailer

Client:  CCP Games
Skills:  Modelling, CG, Compositing, VFX, Edit, Stock Footage, Branding
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