Ghost Recon Wildlands

Our launch trailer for Ghost Recon Wildlands took some of our best capture and story telling to excite players and show the absolutely massive open world as well as giving an overview of the many enemies you’ll be taking out.

Gamescom 2016 saw the release of our Ghost Recon Wildlands customisation trailer.

Captured in-engine with overlaid VFX and animation we wanted to showcase the many ways you can modify your Ghost. Clothing, weapons, items, ammo – each as unique as you and for whatever situation you may find yourself.

Multiple locations set in the vast open-world game let us play with different load outs to solve different situations. Whether you need to be silent, a sniper or just blow things the hell up we’ve got you covered.

The Mission Briefing trailer took some of the best action capture, vista capture and character shots to create a solid structured edit. Highlighting some of the reasons to play became the guiding principle for this trailer with a voiced briefing for the Ghosts.

And over a year later, we were asked to created a new trailer for a Free Weekend. As the game has been constantly updated and improved it seemed the right time to go out there and show gamers what’s new, what’s cool and give new players a free play.

The trailers shown here are:
Ghost Recon Wildlands – Launch Trailer
Ghost Recon Wildlands – Gamescom Customisation Trailer
Ghost Recon Wildlands – Mission Briefing Trailer
Ghost Recon Wildlands – Free Weekend Trailer


Client:  Ubisoft
Skills:  Capture, Level Editor, After Effects, Music, VO
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