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In order to create buzz for Homefront the Revolution we decided to have 100 phones manufactured in China, branded with APEX, including start-up animation, background wallpaper and logo on the back. The detail was so focussed that if you scanned the barcode on the back of the box it would authenticate as “APEX Phone 9x”.

Preloaded onto the phone would be one single file. APEX’s corporate history video which you can view in Homefront the Revolution History Campaign.. No explanation. Nothing.

Inside the box would be a plain business card with a twitter handle and an invoice. This invoice was addressed from Pyongyang, North Korea and packaged and sent around the world to all arrive on the same day – to everyone. From the US to Italy, everyone received their APEX phone at the same time.

Mashable live streamed on Periscope as they absolutely believed they had received a North Korean smartphone. Granted they deleted it later but still…..

The phones received huge amounts of buzz and praise with one receiver saying, “WTF! This is a f*$£ing awesome promotion! Good job!”.

But before we did all this, we had to invent a whole new corporation….enter APEX.

Well, firstly, you can’t have a huge 50 year old tech company circa 1970-2029 without it going through quite a few changes in that time. To that end we created a full set of brand guidelines for the company, rebranding every so often as would happen with a real company.

Starting in 1973 and being wholly Korean, APEX computers was created in a garage in Kumchon.

By 1980, APEX was a household name and the brand changed to reflect the time.

1992 saw Apex rebrand once again as massive investment into china began. Much of Apex technology has now formed the backbone of the world’s IT infrastructure by this point. You will see this logo used in game across older technology scavenged by the resistance.

In 2004, Apex created its Advanced Weapons Division. The brand was again updated to recognise this new achievement becoming the slick modern version we see in-game today. This brand is the you will see in-game used widely across tech used by the KPA.

Client:  Deep Silver
Skills:  Design, Brand, Video, Manufacturing, Planning, Strategy, Creative, Physical distribution, Social
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