Homefront: The Revolution

Our first asset released for Homefront: The Revolution was the “Freedom Fighters Trailer”. Captured entirely in-engine and using an explanatory VO by the character of Dana Moore we wanted to show players how to progress. Tool-up, level-up, improve, craft and use everything available to you to become a top guerrilla resistance fighter. Take down the North Korean (NORK) occupation one area at a time.

Our 101 Trailers showcased almost everything you can do in-game: weapons, locations, enemies, toolkit, locations, gameplay, mods and everything in between. All captured entirely in-engine so players can see the game as it will look. See if you can spot our Apex logo.

The launch trailer, also cut into TV spots took the best of everything we’d captured, some further shots thrown in and was edited to showcase the amazing guerrilla game style. All trailers voiced by the unique characters from the game.

The trailers shown here are:
Homefront: The Revolution – Freedom Figthers Trailer
Homefront: The Revolution – 101 Trailer part 1
Homefront: The Revolution – 101 Trailer part 2
Homefront: The Revolution – Launch Trailer

Client:  Deep Silver/Dambusters
Skills:  Capture, After Effects, Writing, Music, VO
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