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Back in December 2014, after a competitive pitch, Deep Silver and Dambusters Studio asked us to work collaboratively with them to create a plausible timeline whereby North Korea could invade and occupy the USA. No small feat. How can you realistically make NK into a superpower whilst simultaneously diminishing the might of America?

The premise was simple in it’s 50 year complexity. What if the Silicon Valley Tech boom happened in North Korea and not in the US? What if a Korean company built the tech used all around the world since the 1970s and what if that company began manufacturing weapons? Most importantly, what if those weapons were sold the the US creating trillions of dollars worth of debt for ongoing wars across the Middle East? And…what if the US simply couldn’t or wouldn’t pay back that debt due to an economic downtown and a nuclear tragedy outside Iran?

Starting in 1953, at the end of the Korean war, we invented an entirely new person – Joe Tae-Se. With an American GI father and a North Korean mother Joe goes on to found one of the largest tech companies in the world which we named APEX. Flipping world technology on it’s head, we proposed that the Silicon Valley tech boom started along the Ryesong River instead of in the US. We called it “The Silicon River”.

Every minute detail was carefully planned to give rise to North Korea as a tech superpower. Key real-world historical events were mingled with slightly altered versions of history. The USSR landed on the moon rather than America but JFK was still assassinated, for example.

The rise of technology meant that all computers, internet, smartphones and software were all purchased from North Korea. The world became hooked on NK’s technical might.

We covered every single avenue – from oil pipelines being controlled by Russia making Europe beholden to manufacturing deals between NK and China. Mainly to make sure that when the occupation began, the rest of the world stayed out of it.

But the main premise was that with the US’s ongoing wars across the Middle East they needed to buy military tech. And APEX and Joe Tae-Se’s son, John were happy to provide; for a very large fee.

A fee that due to economic downturn, the US could never pay back.

North Korea took the only avenue available and flipped a back-door switch that disabled all of America’s tech and military. Inviting themselves in under the auspices humanitarian aid they began asset stripping America to have their debts repaid.

There’s a lot more to this history than we have outlined here but this should give you the quick start guide.

Client:  Deep Silver/Dambusters
Skills:  Stock Footage, 3D animation, Writing, Branding, Website build, Planning, Strategy
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