Just Cause 3 | DLC

As if Just Cause 3 wasn’t explosive enough, along comes the DLC packs adding a Sky Fortress controlled by a super smart AI, a particularly powerful Mech suit and then a superboat and a lightning gun.

Captured from the game engine these trailers were structured to show players exactly what they’d get in each of these expansions. A rocket pack, a bavarium rifle, a 10 foot Mech with an anti-gravity fist, a lightning gun plus much more – and we thought launching cows into the air was fun!

And our XL Edition trailer brings everything together into one handy special edition!

The Trailer shown here are:
Just Cause 3 – Sky Fortress DLC
Just Cause 3 – MECH Land Assault DLC
Just Cause 3 – Bavarium Sea Heist DLC
Just Cause 3 – XL Edition

Client:  Square Enix
Skills:  Capture, After Effects, Sound
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