Just Cause 3 | Wingsuit Art

After creating the main art for Just Cause 3, Square Enix asked us to work with them again to create a second piece of Key art showcasing Rico’s wingsuit.

We scouted the island of Medici from the shores to the mountain tops and finally settled on the FALCO MAXIME tower complex. The tower’s shape lent itself perfectly to our premise that Rico had ‘fought his way to the top, planted explosives and then dived from the top to escape’.

Using a heavily foreshortened perspective we wanted to create a sense of height making Rico our main focal point. Everything was modelled and textured in 3D at extremely high resolution with explosions, shattered glass and individual detail added later.

Client:  Square Enix
Skills:  3D modelling, Texturing, Rendering, Photoshop, Capture, Print
fire without smoke | A Strategic and Creative Games Agency | Just Cause 3 | Wingsuit Art