League of Legends at Gamescom

Or as we like to call it at FWS “that time we built a football pitch-sized world.”

For an area size that of an aircraft hanger, FWS were asked by Riot to help design and execute the launch of the new Summoner’s Rift via a great deal of time, patience and artworking.

From daily cosplay parades (200+ cosplayers per session) over 5 days to the branding of their 2000+ seater eSports arena we worked through many nights to bring this world to life.

The little details of having uniquely named shirts for the volunteers to the giant backdrops that immersed the fans in a League of Legends world.

…a sea of Teemo hats as far as the eye could see.

Client:  Riot Games
Skills:  Design, Print, Digital, Video, After Effects, Cosplay, Tattoos
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