League of Legends | Logos

Riot Games hosts many tournaments across Europe with each one being unique in purpose and feel. FWS has often been brought on board to help design logos that do just that – look and feel unique.

The 4Nations logo was created within the in game item “Aegis of the Legion” as the shape of the shield in mind. From scratch we textured it whilst adding in representative icons for the countries in the UK.

The Nordic Nationals needed to incorporate the five countries within whilst still feeling decidedly “Scandinavian” and part of the Nationals across Europe. Various iterations and options were presented until we finished with the wooden-boat backdrop to the 5 country flags as mini-shields in their own right.

The Ragnarok logo was a more complex affair, breaking away from the shield shape and using the aptly Nordic Thor mythos as a launchpad. With Olaf the viking as a champion in game it seemed fitting to recreate his axes and have them crossed behind the “Ragnarok”ing hammer.

Client:  Riot Games
Skills:  Sketching, Photoshop, Illustrator, 3D
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