Little Nightmares

When Namco approached us to work on Little Nightmares we were very excited. This game has some great visuals and fantastic art. Scary, fun, whimsical and on occasion – terrifying.

After a competitive pitch we got started making two trailers. A Teaser and an Announce. Working in CG we recreated ‘The Maw’ so we could create a cool animation both above and below the sea. Reversing the CG sequence for the announce trailer allowed us to seamlessly join the two trailers – one appearing to lead to the next. Game footage either captured from the engine or created completely bespoke in Matinee gave us fine control over what we wanted to show.

Working closely with Tarsier, bespoke music was developed to really give the trailers some WOW!

The Nine deaths of Six really let us let our hair down and kill our Yellow coated hero over and over again. In multiple ways she died, time and again. Yes, we felt guilty.

Also, look out for Fire Without Smoke in the game’s credits. What an honour!

The trailers shown here are:
Little Nightmares – The Nine Deaths of Six
Little Nightmares – Teaser Trailer
Little Nightmares – Announcement Trailer Gamescom 2016


Client:  Bandai Namco
Skills:  CG, Matinee, Capture, Edit, Music
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