Skull and Bones | E3 2017

Skull and Bones was the new IP showcased at E3 2017 and FWS helped to create the stage presence. From initial speech scripts to the graphics behind Justin Farren (the game’s Creative Director) we wanted to make sure that the presentation was fantastic.

Our CG backdrop – which you may have missed while listening intently to Justin was explosive. Fully CG pirate ships in the midst of a cannon battle, an animated galleon changing sails and adornments and a moving Indian ocean map played behind him as he spoke.

In case you missed it we have added the conference video here as well as the separate CG video.

Our multiplayer trailer was very carefully crafted to show a guided gameplay sequence. Captured internally at FWS by 10+ players (5 vs 5), directed, edited and scored our trailer/walkthrough fully explains the games’ mechanics, graphics and locations. We had immense fun being Pirate Captains and looting our enemies – rum not included.

The videos show here:

Skull and Bones – E3 2017 Official Conference Presentation
Skull and Bones – E3 CG Presentation Graphics
Skull and Bones – E3 2017 Multiplayer and PvP gameplay

Client:  Ubisoft
Skills:  CG, Animation, Planning, Scripting, Capture, Edit
fire without smoke | A Strategic and Creative Games Agency | Skull and Bones | E3 2017