The Division 2

The Division 2 brings back the gritty, emotive atmosphere of its’ prequel and refreshes the gameplay with a brand new location, a new set of specialisations with exciting new weapons and gear and all new multiplayer modes.

Back in 2018, For Ubisoft’s E3 conference we were asked to create a range of assets for the launch of The Division 2 to be showcased throughout the conference, on the show-floor and circulated online through various channels.

Working with the teams at Massive Studios and Ubisoft we scripted, captured, designed and edited our way through a range of projects for E3 delivery and beyond.

The rest of the project included the creation of dedicated tutorial videos, The Division 2 Launch Trailer, Private Beta, and Multiplayer Trailers, a 101 Trailer, detailing a deeper dive into ‘what’ The Division 2 is and game capture for the PC Features and Live Action Trailer.

History will remember.

The trailers shown here are:
The Division 2 – Launch Trailer
The Division 2 – Multiplayer: Darkzones and Conflict
The Division 2 – Live Action Trailer
The Division 2 – What is The Division 2
The Division 2 – End Game Trailer
The Division 2 – Private Beta
The Division 2 – PC Features
The Division 2 – E3 Presentation
The Division 2 – E3 Video Wall

Client:  Massive & Ubisoft
Skills:  Script, Capture, Edit, Sound, Music
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