WipEout Omega Collection

WipEout finally claimed the UK number 1 spot in the gaming charts after 22 years. We’d like to think that was down to our trailers, but we know it’s because the game is just great.

Our first trailer revealed the exclusive Tigron. Using footage from older games we formed the texture on this new racer as we wanted to show that everything that came before went into creating the Omega Collection. As this game is now playable in 4k using the previous games footage as ‘pixels’ on the Tigron’s outer shell was a great way of introducing the change.

Our live action trailer used a clever morphing technique to move through each era, each console generation and give a nod to those longtime fans who’ve played for those 22 years. All gameplay footage was captured by us.

The trailers shown here are:

WipEout – Exclusive Tigron Ship Reveal
WipEout – Generation WipEout trailer

Client:  SCIE
Skills:  Live action, Animation, Capture, Edit, Music, Sound, Script, Concept
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