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Watch Dogs Legion



What can we say? We love games, so we built an agency specifically to create the best content possible. As experienced marketers, creatives and avid gamers we ensure that we put every bit of ourselves into each and every project. If we love making the content – we’re sure the fans will love finding it.

Based in London and Montreal, but with clients right across the globe we aim to envision, develop and produce content that not only sells but excites.

All created under one roof, our multi-disciplined in-house teams can take any brief from idea to realisation.

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We create game trailers where every shot, every sequence and every caption is crafted to make each video as cinematic as possible.

We’ve shot footage in every conceivable game engine and know them inside and out. We’ve worked with in-game level editing software and created content directly in the engine itself. In fact, when it comes to making sure your game looks its absolute best, there’s nothing we won’t do.

The Division 2

Solasta Crown of the Magister

Kerbal Space Program | Anniversary


Watch Dogs: Legion | Deep Dive

Ubisoft Forward

Hyper Scape

Death Stranding | PC

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

FIFA Online 4 Volta Live


Rainbow Six: Siege | Free Weekend Events

Saints Row: The Third Remastered

Google Stadia | Partnership

Dead by Daylight

The Division 2 | Episode Two

The Division 2 | Episode One

Rainbow Six: Siege | Too Late Socials

The Outer Worlds


MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries

Code Vein | Gamescom 2019

Little Nightmares II

Control | Vignettes

Watch Dogs Legion | Announce

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Break Point | Announcement

Visit Xbox

Assassin’s Creed | Odyssey

Metro Exodus

The Division 2

Man of Medan

Just Cause 4 – Dare Devils of Destruction Trailer

Saints Row: The Third – Nintendo Switch

Just Cause 4 | Danger Rising

Trials Rising | Open Beta

Just Cause 4

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Rainbow 6 Siege | Operator Breakdowns

Dreams | Early Access

Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince

Ace Combat 7 | Skies Unkown

The Crew 2 | Gator Rush

The Settlers | Gamescom


Hungry Shark World | Console Launch

Life Is Strange 2 | Gamescom 2018

Divinity Original Sin 2

Little Nightmares | Nintendo Switch

Farcry 5

Rainbow 6 Siege | Operation Chimera

Farcry 3 | Classic Edition

Ghost Recon Wildlands | Splinter Cell

Steep Road to the Olympics

Dead Rising 4

Little Nightmares | Expansions

Rainbow 6 Siege

Ghost Recon Wildlands

Gran Turismo Sport | Cars & Tracks

The Walking Dead | March to War

Star Wars Battlefront 2

Assassin’s Creed Origins


Little Nightmares

Starlink: Battle for Atlas

Skull and Bones | E3 2017

WipEout Omega Collection

The Division | Expansions

Ghost Recon Wildlands | Open Beta


Watch_Dogs 2 | Tbone DLC

The Ezio Collection

Eve Valkyrie

The Crew | Calling All Units

Watch_Dogs 2


The Division

Trackmania Turbo

Homefront: The Revolution

Just Cause 3 | DLC

FarCry Primal


The Crew Wildrun

Until Dawn

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate | Jack the Ripper

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

Far Cry: New Dawn



If we can’t get what we need from the engine or the game isn’t ready to show, our team can create content in 3D, 2D or from behind a camera. Often we’ll combine all three just to get the optimum solution.

We’ve burnt things, modelled things, animated 2D artwork and even created a nuclear explosion. Just because it doesn’t exist, doesn’t mean it can’t.



Whether it’s an HTC Vive, a PSVR, an Oculus Rift or a Google Cardboard we’ve been creating 360 VR content since the DK1 and we’re virtual ready with all the kit available and the knowledge to make it work.

We’ve been combining mobile and VR for quite some time, building app experiences to showcase game worlds from your pocket, allowing us to launch many fantastic mobile titles.

Virtual Reality
Just Cause 3



Logos, icons, key art, magazines, websites or branding? Maybe a guerrilla marketing idea that has Mashable deleting its Twitter post? Armed with pencils, photoshop or Alibaba our creative teams develop ideas that stand out in a world of noise.

Cut, cropped, painted, modelled, rendered, sketched, branded or manufactured – if we think it will work well, we’ll make it.



We’ve created some amazing content for a variety of cities across the globe. If it was branded, printed, attached to a wall, hung from a ceiling, shown on a screen, stamped as a temporary tattoo or emblazoned on a T-shirt we’ve designed and artworked it. And we’ve screamed just as loud at the unexpected pentakill.

Having worked in Esports for our lifespan, we’ve had the opportunity to gain a huge amount of knowledge. We’ve got to know the players as well as the events themselves as our design and creative help to dress events and stadiums.

LOL Worlds 2015
Little Nightmares



We’re always happy to hear from existing clients, new clients, gaming professionals, potential hires or even just talk about the industry itself.

Often we’re looking for new members to join our teams in either London or Montreal. If you have great skills as a Video Game Capture Artist, Director, Editor, DOP, Designer or Creative then feel free to send a CV and cover letter to one of the offices below.

*No recruiters please.



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