Far Cry 5

Key Art Development

You always get a little nervous when asked to work on something as well known as Far Cry. Ubisoft asked us to develop a range of iconic concepts to form both the main key art and the pack front. Armed with our ideas and our pencils we jumped in with both feet. Providing a vast array of concepts in sketch form, we wanted to create something that was as standout as the franchise itself. Something that would establish Farcry 5 as a little different to the rest (time to meet a bad family!). We started in black and white to get our ideas down and as the concepts went through internal focus groups we began to narrow down and refine. We wanted a concept that would work equally well on huge printed banners down to front of pack. Mocked up and tweaked in black and white, then again in mocked up colours we wanted to do the hard work early on. Here you can see how our concepts progressed over time until ‘The Last Supper' Far Cry style became a clear winner. Once this final concept had been chosen, Ubisoft created the final rendered piece using in-game assets. Seeing a modified version in all its glory emblazoned across the E3 conference centre was a sight to behold.

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b&w sketches
colour compositions